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Enable Debug Logging in KIC

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Article # 3032996 - Page views: 310


How do I enable KIC Message Connector and KIC Plug-in advanced debug logging?



1. To make it easy to 'track' the error,  clear down the existing KIC MC and KIC Plug-in logs so they are easy to navigate to the error (if possible):

2. Stop the KC, KIC services MC and Plug-in.

Zip and delete the current contents of the following, so we start with a fresh set of logs:

3. Start the Kofax Capture Service.

4. Restart the KIC MC Connector service.

5. Log into KIC Electronic Documents - Message Connector Configuration - Advanced - Trace Settings and set to the following levels.


Trace Level: 60
Message Trace Size: 10000
Trace MIME messages: v (checked)
Append Trace: v (checked)
Size of Trace File: 10000
Number of Trace Files: 20



Restart the KIC MC Service

6. To configure KIC plug-in debug logs.

Go to Kofax Capture Administration Module - Electronic Documents - Configuration - within the KIC Plug-in - Assistance Tasks - General Settings - Logging configuration - Log Level - Set to DEBUG

7. Select OK - Save and Restart the KIC plug-in service.


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