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Map Name of Imported File to Index Field in KIC

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When using the Folder Import option in Kofax Import Connector (KIC), how can the name of the file imported be mapped to an index field?



There are two options available. These options are listed below.

  1. In KIC, go to the Import mappings tab of the Destination Configuration dialog. Then, set the Value of the Batch, Folder, or Document field that should contain the file name to KfxRoutingNumber. This will map the full path of the imported file name. This does include the extension of the file. As an example, the following value could appear: \\share\import\invoice.tif

  2. In Kofax Capture, open the Administration module and open the Document Class Properties dialog. Create or select an existing index field and in the Default column, select {First Page Original File Name}. This will map just the file name to the index field, including the extension. As an example, the following value could appear: invoice.tif


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Article # 3038643
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