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KIC Use Batch Class Separation and Form Identification Profile


Question / Problem: 

How can the Kofax Import Connector (KIC) be configured to use the Separation and Form Identification profile of the Batch Class?

Answer / Solution: 

The Batch Class Separation and Form Identification profile will be used for batches created by the KCPlugIn, when the Destination Configuration - Import Mappings has been configured as Loose Pages.  There are three options available for selection within the Import Mappings for Document Class, each with a different function and purpose

Unclassified Document - Prevents KIC from completing Form Identification

Loose Pages - No document will be used - Prevents KIC from completing both Separation or Form Identification

Named Document Class - Selecting the Document Class configured for the Batch Class will automatically complete Separation and Form Identification as the Batch class / Document Class combination selected. 

Steps to Configure KIC for Loose Pages

  1. Access the Import Mappings tab of the Kofax Import Connector - Destination Configuration from the Kofax Administration Module - Electronic Documents Configuration menu
  2. Select the Drop-Down for the Document Class Import Mapping
  3. Change to a value of (Loose Pages - No document will be used)
  4. Save & Restart the KCPlugIn Service to effect the change


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