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KIC replaces inline image attachments with Red X


Question / Problem: 

When Kofax Import Connector is processing an email message with in-line images embedded in the body of the message, and the Message Connector configuration setting for Inline Image Size has been configured to import inline images as attachments, then the body of the message is shown with a Red X where the inline image was initially located.

Is there any method to prevent the Red X images from being created in the image when the in-line image is imported as an attachment? 

Answer / Solution: 

This behavior is By-Design; inline images are intended to be replaced by a Red X.  Removing the red x would require a script (or possible code changes) and would require KIC to modify the html file.  Additionally, if the inline image is the size of the page, then more than one Red X may result for which there is an Enhancement Request, as follows:

  • Enhancement Request 545771:Set a constant value for the size of the replacements for inline images

Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC 2.4
KIC 2.5
KIC 2.6
KIC 2.7