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Trigger files with double extentions not imported


Question / Problem: 

When a trigger file mask with a double extention such as *.tif.txt is used along with the Mode "Files in the same directory a with the same base name", ".tif" files with the same base name are not importing.
Only the trigger file is being processed if it is configured to do so.

For example:  A trigger file: sample.tif.txt is not importing file : sample.tif 
This is configured in the  "Folder Import settings" of Kofax Import Connector.  It may be found by clicking on the Connection Configuration and by selecting the Advanced tab.

Answer / Solution: 

This behavior is corrected in COD 8618 for Kofax Import Connector 2.6 fix pack 2 and is included in Kofax Import Connector 2.7 and later releases.  Please contact Kofax Technical support for assistance in obtaining the patch.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC 2.7