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Missing Documents or Emails - Locate and Troubleshoot


QAID # 12865 Published 

Question / Problem:

Some Documents imported through Import Connector - XML are missing when most work fine. Why is this?


Some emails imported into Kofax Capture from Communications Server are missing. Where could they be?

Answer / Solution:

Check the Deleted Batches Log and the Error Log for errors. There will likely be a field with too many characters for the Document Field Type. When this error is encountered, by default, the Batch is deleted from the Capture system.

Communications Server injects Batches into Capture through use of the Import Connector - XML. So, if in an otherwise working setup, the occasional Batch is missing, review the Capture logs for instances where the XML Import may have errored.

With Import Connector - XML, several types of errors are handled by deleting the Batch from Capture, including: field name not found and invalid field values.

By default, the Import Connector - XML application deletes the current Batch from Kofax Capture if an error occurs during the import process. You can override this behavior as follows:

  • Use the -n option on the command line when you run Import Connector - XML.
  • Set the <ImportSession> element’s DeleteBatchOnError attribute to “0” in the XML file.

Either of these methods will allow Batches with errors to be retained.

Please refer to the Deleting Batches with Errors section, on page 313, of the KOFAX Capture 8 Getting Started Guide for complete information on import errors.

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