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Blank Page Deletion removes pages containing light gray text


Question / Problem: 

A light color image is being deleted with VRS "Blank Page Deletion" enabled in Kofax Import Connector.

Answer / Solution: 

To resolve this issue:

  1. Navigate to to %ProgramData%\Kofax\Vrs\
  2. Back up the KPMVRSDF.ini file and save the backup copy to another location (not under %ProgramData%)
  3. Download KPMVRSDF.txt and save it to %ProgramData%\Kofax\Vrs\
  4. Rename KPMVRSDF.txt to KPMVRSDF.ini
  5. Start KIC Plugin, by launching Administration Module | Electronic Documents | Configuration and select the desired destination.
  6. In the VRS settings screen, verify that Blank Page Deletion and Ignore Hole Marks are enabled.  
  7. Click Open File for Testing and select an image to test the Blank Page Sensitivity
  8. Set the Blank Page Contents Sensitivity value to 160.
  9. Page is blank warning message will be displayed if the Sensitivity value is set too low.
  10. Increase the Blank Page Sensitivity value if the page is still detected as Blank (maximum value is 255). 
  11. Once a value has been discovered that eliminates the Page is blank message, click Save VRS Parameters
  12. Click Exit to close the VRS Settings window
  13. Click OK to close the Destination Configuration window
  14. Click Restart Service
  15. Click Exit to close the KC Plug In 


Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC 2.6