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Differences in Black and White image processing between KIC VRS and Kofax Capture VRS


Question / Problem: 

How does Kofax VRS processing of image files that are imported using Kofax Import Connector (KIC) differ from VRS processing of images that are scanned from a physical scanner in Kofax Capture when the Color Mode is set to Black and White?

Answer / Solution: 

Most image cleanup features in Kofax VRS (such as Auto Deskew, Auto Crop, Edge Fill, Hole Fill, Auto Brightness, Auto Contrast, Intelligent Cleanup, etc.) require a color or grayscale original input image that VRS is able to process before converting the image to a bitonal (black and white) output image.  


At scan time:  When the scan operator selects Black and White as the color mode in Kofax Capture using a scan source "with SVRS", Kofax VRS automatically intercepts the color mode setting as it is pushed down from Kofax Capture to the scanner.  Kofax VRS stores the Black and White setting as its output color mode and sets the scanner's color mode to Grayscale.   This occurs behind the scenes and the scan operator is unaware that the scanner actually sent a grayscale image to VRS for processing, since the output image that VRS sends back to Capture is Black and White.  Observant scan operators may notice that after setting the Color Mode to Black and White in the Kofax Capture Scan Settings, the scanner's ISIS driver's color mode is set to Grayscale and any attempts to manually change the driver's color mode to Black and White will be automatically changed back to Grayscale by VRS.


In Kofax Import Connector:  In the KIC, image conversion is performed prior to VRS processing.  Therefore, when VRS processing is enabled in KIC, the Image Format setting in the KC Plug-In Destination settings applies to the image that will be sent to VRS for processing, not the final output image.  When importing color or grayscale images that should be processed by VRS and converted to black and white, the KIC administrator must select one of the Color or Grayscale options for the Image Format value in KIC and set the "Color Format of the Output Image" setting in the VRS Settings to Black and White.  This allows VRS to clean up the images before it converts the final output image to black and white.


If the original image files that are imported into Kofax Import Connector are bitonal (Black and White) images, converting the bitonal images to color or grayscale will likely result in only limited improvement in VRS' ability to process the images.  The conversion of a black and white image to grayscale or color only changes the number of bits used to represent the black or white pixels.  It does not add any additional colors or shades of gray to the image.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC 2.5
VRS 4.5


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