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Current License does not Support this Feature error in KIC PlugIn Service


QAID # 20689 Published

Question / Problem:

What can cause the following error to occur with the KC Plug-In service?

ERROR [Thread=1] [KICEDLicenseProvider] The license request for <KIC_Feature> for
connection http://<Server_Name>:25086 failed with error:
[8010] [8010] AcLicImp: License not found. Your current license does not support this
feature.( <License_Activation_Code> ) [CLicInterfaceImp::GetLicenseInfoFromID]
<Server: <Server_Name>>

Answer / Solution:

This error is caused by the serial number not having the License Activation Code for the KIC Feature.

You can verify that you have proper licenses for the configured features by clicking Test Feature Licenses in the KC Plug-In configuration. You must stop the KC Plug-In service before you can test the licenses.

Contact Kofax Sales about adding the License Activation Code for the KIC Feature that you are trying to use that the error is occurring for.

Applies to:

Product Version
KIC 2.6