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Connection to an EWS server using a Proxy server not establishing

Question / Problem:

Starting in Kofax Import Connector (KIC) 2.6 Fix Pack 3 and higher, support for EWS connections through a Proxy server are supported. 

After configuring the proper Proxy credentials in the Message Connector Configurator, the following error is generated in the Plugin 'Mailbox settings | Test Mailbox' test:


Error message:The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

EWS test fail.jpg


Answer / Solution:

This is a known issue submitted under TFS Bug ID: 1231747 / COD Hot Fix 9708.  The only workaround is to configure the Proxy server settings through Internet Explorer where the Message Connector is installed.

EWS test fail2.jpg

Contact Kofax Technical Support for status of COD Hot Fix 9708.  This issue also affects KIC 2.7 base.


Applies to: 

Product Version Category
KIC 2.6 Email Import
KIC 2.7 Email Import