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What's the meaning of a 'red x' in the 'Transfer to KC' column


Question / Problem: 

What's the meaning of a 'red x' in the 'Transfer to KC' column on the Message connector monitor page.

Red X.png

Answer / Solution: 

The red X means that the message was deleted. (marked as deleted but not yet removed from the storage)

The ways that a message can be deleted are:

  • Manual deletion by clicking the 'delete' button in the MC inbox.
  • Automatic cleanup routine. Files and messages that are correctly imported to Kofax Capture are marked for deletion and they are removed when the storage fills.
  • After pulling in a message from the mail server the MC tries to confirm it on the mail server. If this confirmation goes wrong (e.g. network issue or mail server issue), the message is automatically marked as deleted on the MC so it won't be processed. This is to prevent duplicates. Normally this message should be pulled in correctly during one of the next poll cycles when the underlying issue no longer occurs.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC All supported



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