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ZIP Files - Import Extract and Convert Contents


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Question / Problem:

When using KIC is it possible to import Zip files as attachments and convert the archive contents?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, starting with Kofax Import Connector (KIC) 2.1, it is possible to extract the contents of an archived file format for processing.

From the New Features section of the Release Notes:

Kofax Import Connector can now be configured to automatically extract compressed files and send only decompressed content to Kofax Capture. The following formats/extensions are supported: zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip. Extraction happens before regular document conversion, i.e., a Word document extracted from a zip file can be further converted into PDF. Extraction is repeated if the extracted file is another compressed file (e.g., zip within zip), until all compressed files are extracted. (SPR00096208)

The following restrictions apply:

  • Password-protected compressed files are not supported.
  • Archives split to multiple volumes are not supported.
  • EML documents from compressed files are not subject to further extraction/document conversion.
  • If the extract ends without an error, the compressed file is discarded. When archiving to folder is enabled, the extracted files are archived, not the compressed ones.

This feature must be enabled in Message Connector configuration: Document Conversion tab > Enable Decompression.

Applies to: 

Product Version
KIC 2.1
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