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Parameter out of range error when importing a Batch to Kofax Capture


QAID # 16257 Published

Question / Problem:

When the Kofax Import Connector (KIC) attempts to send a Batch to Kofax Capture, the Batch fails to import and the following error message appears in the KIC_ED_Connector.log file:

Parameter out of range.

Answer / Solution:

This error can occur if an Index Field value being sent to Kofax Capture by KIC exceeds what the Field Type allows for that Index Field. For example, attempting to pass the value 12345 into an Index Field that allows 4 characters would result in the Parameter out of range error.

If KIC is configured to use a Kofax Capture default value in an Index Field, the result of that value is not obtained by KIC. Instead, the string representing the Kofax Capture Value will be sent. If that string exceeds the field type constraints, the Parameter out of range error will occur.

For example, if the Site ID is limited to 4 characters and KIC is configured to send the value of {Site ID}, as the string representing the Kofax Capture Value, {Site ID} is longer than 4 characters, and the error would be produced.

The KIC_ED_Connector.log file will indicate which Index Field the error is referring to. This information can be found on the line preceding the Parameter out of range error.

The index value being entered can be shortened or the Field Type of the index value could be changed to allow larger index values. Also, if KIC is configured to map a Kofax Capture default value, consider removing that mapping, as Kofax Capture will populate the value at a later time.

Applies to:

Product Version
KIC 2.6