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Microsoft ends support for Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online - O365

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In September 2019 Microsoft announced that they will end support for Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online API's for Office 365 Customers.
This change was originally planned for October 2020 but in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Microsoft postponed this change to the second half of 2021 (Link).
They will only allow OAuth 2.0 based Modern Authentication for authentication and authorization.

See this link for more details on this announcement.
On this page you can find all of the current information about these changes.

Will this change affect mail polling via KIC?


This change from Microsoft does affect mail polling via KIC.

To deal with these changes, KIC has support for mailbox connections using MSGraph with Oauth 2.0, since KIC 2.8.

KIC 2.8 only supports the Resource Owner Password Credentials (ROPC) grant for MSGraph.
The ROPC grant is not recommended to be used anymore if other grant methods are available.

Since KIC 2.9 (and later) also support other, newer grant methods, it's recommended to use the latest version of KIC.
Additionally, KIC 2.9 also introduced support for POP3 and IMAP with OAuth 2.0 polling of O365 mailboxes.

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Import Connector 2.8      
Kofax Import Connector 2.9      
Kofax Import Connector 2.10      


Article # 3049162
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