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Sample configuration for sending via SMTP using OAuth2 authentication in KIC

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How to configure email sending via SMTP using OAuth2 authentication in KIC


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Below, you can find screenshots for a sample configuration for sending out emails via SMTP using OAuth 2 authentication in KIC.
It's recommended to have a separate Application on Azure for this purpose.
KIC only supports the Authorization Code Grant for this purpose. 
This sample configuration uses the "Authorization Code Grant" with the "Mobile and desktop applications" platform.

General Azure settings

SMTP Auth - Azure Overview.png

SMTP Auth - Azure Authentication.png

SMTP Auth - API permissions.png


KIC settings

Click on "Configure SMTP Outbound" in your Connection configuration window.

SMTP Auth - Connection Configuration.png

Activate the checkbox "Override Kofax Message Connector SMTP Outbound Configuration" and the checkbox "Use OAuth authorization".
Configure the user you want to use for this.
Click on "Configure OAuth".

SMTP Auth - KIC Configure SMTP Outbound.png

Click on "Manage" to check and modify the Authorization Server

SMTP Auth - KIC manage auth server.png

Make sure the "SMTP Outbound scopes" field contains the following value: SMTP.Send offline_access openid profile

SMTP Auth - KIC Authorization Server .png

Click OK and enter your "Tenant ID", "Client ID" and "Redirect URI"


Now you should be able to Authorize this user and Test the connection.

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