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Document conversion timeout when converting messages with linked resources

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Batches are not being imported with Kofax Import Connector and the Message Connector Monitor shows the error:

"Could not import image"

Additionally, the following error is displayed in the KC-Plugin logs:

“WARN [Thread=6] [MCMessageProvider] The attachemnt message.eml of message
http://localhost:25086/call/tsl/View?Id=70e8a6ce-8b91-4988-8558-1f4b5ea2ee59 could not be converted.
The error is: document conversion failure Time-out after 2574ms activity and 60263ms inactivity.


This issue may be caused when the server running the KIC Message Connector service has no internet and the documents being imported had an inline image based on a hyperlink that KIC was trying to download.


Edit the KFXConverter.ini to stop KIC from downloading external links by following these steps below.

Note-Icon.png Note – that any documents that contained hyperlinked images will get imported into Capture with a place holder image.
  1. Navigate to the KFXConverter.ini file located by default at: C:\Program Files\Kofax\KIC- ED\MC\bin\KFXConverter\KFXConverter.ini. Make a backup copy of the KFXConverter.ini.
  2. Edit the KFXConverter.ini file by going to the [EXTERNALRESOURCELOADING] section make sure the following parameter is set to false:
  3. Restart the Message Connector and KC-Plugin services.

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Article # 3031251
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