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Exit Code 1 troubleshooting tips

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The message is importing into Kofax Capture from Kofax Import Connector with a Message Conversion error in the Message Connector Monitor. The KCPlugin logs show the error:

2021-12-01 18:36:23.244 WARN [Thread=12] [Kofax.KCS.ImportConnector.MessageSource.MC.MCMessageProvider] 
The attachemnt SamplePDF.pdf of message http://localhost:25086/call/tsl/View?Id=b3399c19-ab55-4124-a929-fc7fb4545899 could not be converted. 
The error is: Document conversion failure Document Conversion failed with exit code 1.. EventID:38010


Exit Code 1 is very generic error and shows that the document conversion failed. When the KFXConverter is being used, the KFXConverter.log is a good place to start. This is located by default at:


How to handle PDF/A normalization errors is described in the manual at:

More information about the AllowedErrors values can be found here:

For debugging you can set AllowedErrors=119512 and try to convert again.


NOTE: Only use this setting for troubleshooting. Do not use this setting as a permanent solution in a production environment.

AllowedErrors setting can be found in the KCPlugin -> Destination Settings -> Advanced Conversion tab. This normally resolves all PDF/A normalization errors and shows which value was required in the logs.


2021-12-02 07:46:19.564 INFO [Thread=1] [KFXConverter.Converter] File normalized to PDF/A with configured allowed conversion error/s:
- ePDFConversionErrorFontSubstConversion errors in PDF to PDF/A conversion. (critical)(16384)
2021-12-02 07:46:19.564 INFO [Thread=1] [KFXConverter.Converter] Converted File Successfully

In this scenario, allowing error 16384 is required in order to convert this document.
In the linked documentation you can see that allowing this error allows substituting similar fonts when the same font is not available for embedding.
To allow this error you would have to add 16384 to the default setting of 128.  The value for AllowedErrors would thus be 16512.


WARNING: Do not include errors that are critical for your processing. Set the value of AllowedErrors appropriately.

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Article # 3036720
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