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KIC Account lockout issue

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Why the KIC service is causing the account lockout issue.
KIC service keeps on trying to start and locking the service account.

Here is the error that is visible in the KIC message connector logs:

23/14:59:39.853 (1a88/1628/0000) {"ApplInfo" 0x905ae0} Dont logon as 'S-1-5-19' because current user is 'kofax_svc' instead of 'SYSTEM'
23/14:59:40.025 (1a88/1628/0000) {"Process" 0x90b144} Sub-Process started. Pid=0x1904(6404); Cmd={"MC_Albin.exe" Slave Master6792_10004 10 TNC_Albin.dll}


  • MS patches  KB5009546 and KB5010790 


  • It was determined that rolling back MS patches KB5009546 and KB5010790, corrected the issue.
  • Please refer to the Microsoft side or their staff for further assistance.

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Kofax Import Connector 2.9, 2.10      

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Article # 3039115
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