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Authentication error when setting up Sendgrid as SMTP server

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The customer is unable to configure Sendgrid as their SMTP server for sending outbound notifications.

The following error message can be found in the MC traces:

15/07:02:22.273 (0718/1dd8/027d) SMTP Protocol Error: Error 617611264: 535 Authentication failed: The provided authorization grant is invalid, expired, or revoked (Cat=ErrCancelled, Obj=unknown, Mod=M_Unknown)


Sendgrid requires an automatically generated 92 character password in order to send emails via their SMTP server.
This password is too long for the current MC buffer size and is cut off, resulting in an authentication failure.


With FIX 15639 for KIC the buffer size for holding the SMTP password has been increased in order to avoid an authentication failure.
So please install KIC + FIX 15639 (or later version of KIC) to use Sendgrid as your mail sending provider.

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Article # 3031170
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