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QAID # 12983 Published

Question / Problem:

Where can I find documentation concerning the API for Kofax Monitor?

Answer / Solution:

No API exists for Kofax Monitor.

The Kofax Monitor documentation can be found on the Product Documentation section of the Kofax Monitor Downloads Web page.

Kofax Monitor is a Kofax Professional Services Group (KPSG) implemented product. KPSG will be involved in any initial installation of Kofax Monitor due to the customizable nature of the product.

If the current documentation does not provide the information needed, it is suggested to contact your Kofax Sales representative who will most likely refer you to KPSG.

If an additional requirement to link to a third-party package exists, KPSG will have to be consulted if it could not be implemented through the existing Wizards included with this product.

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