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Activate Kofax Monitor License


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Question / Problem:

How can a Kofax Monitor license be activated on the Kofax Monitor server?

Answer / Solution:

If a license for Kofax Monitor is to be activated on the server where Kofax Monitor is installed, and Kofax Capture is not also installed, the below steps can be used:

  1. During the installation of Kofax Monitor, the Kofax Monitor License Check dialog will appear.
  2. Click the Install License Server button and wait for this process to complete.
  3. Enter in the host name of the server that will host the license service into the field labeled Primary.
  4. Click the Activate License button. The License Utility will open.
  5. Click OK on the message that states that a license has not yet been activated.
  6. Select File ¦ Activate.
  7. Enter in the license information and select Automatic. A confirmation message will appear if the license is activated successfully.
  8. Close the License Utility.
  9. Click the Check License button.
  10. Once the Kofax Monitor installation confirms the Kofax Monitor license, the Kofax Monitor License Check dialog will close and the installation will continue.

When the License Utility opens, if an error appears that states that the License Server has not been set, select File ¦ Select Servers and fill in the host name of the server hosting the License Server. Then, continue with the above steps.

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