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System Access Check Failed error occurs when launching Kofax Monitor Admin Console


Question / Problem: 

How can I resolve an issue where the following error occurs when trying to launch the Kofax Monitor Admin console?


Initialization Failed.

Reason: System Access Check Failed.

Error Accessing Monitor Database: ERROR [42S02]

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'Monitor'

You may not have the required user privileges, or the Database settings may be incorrect

You should review the settings for the local Monitor Server


Answer / Solution: 

This issue can be caused by the Monitor database being empty.


To resolve this issue, follow the instructions from the Kofax Monitor Installation and Setup Guide for creating the SQL Database Table Spaces by copying and running the following SQL Scripts on the SQL database server:

  • SQL_ Monitor.sql
  • SQL_Monitor_BaseInstall.sql
  • SQL_Monitor_StoredProcedures.sql
  • SQL_Metrics.sql
  • SQL_Metrics_StoredProcedures.sql


The Microsoft SQL scripts are located in the “SQL Scripts” folder within Kofax Monitor installation folder. For example, if Kofax Monitor has been installed to the C: drive, the files are located in the following folder: C:<Kofax Monitor Installation Path>\ReveilleSoftware\Reveille\SQL Scripts


For more details, please check the Creating SQL Database Table Spaces section of the Kofax Monitor Installation and Setup Guide.

Applies to:  

Product Version
Monitor 6.5