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Total Agility wizard is failing with http request timed out error

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  • When trying to run the Kofax TotalAgility Wizard, getting the following error:

Run Test Failed The http request timed out.  Error:  The request was aborted:  The request was canceled.



The client was traversing through a firewall 
On page 54 in the Kofax Monitor Overview Guide that it references, "all common IP ports for http/https/ftp/smtp/SNMP/telnet/imap/JMX/web."

  • In addition to this the application was connecting over a network, therefore the client requires a random emphemeral high port range of 49152 through 65535.

In order to remedy this problem the following was done:

1)  Network Engineer put in a rule to allow the application to open since the high level port is random.
2)  There is a timeout setting in the Monitor test was increased to allow more time for the handshake to complete.


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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Monitor 8.0      


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Article # 3040468
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