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KCS 9.2.0 - Known issues




Upgrade to KCS 9.2

Before upgrading to a new version of KCS, back up your system using KCS Backup (if you own this tool). All KCS components installed on a single computer must be updated together; in the following order:

  1. Server and link components
  2. Client components (TCfW)

If you intend to use Unicode:

  1. Update all your KCS computers to KCS 9.2.0. You don't have to update all computers simultaneously.
  2. Enable Unicode on all servers using the instruction from the Kofax Communication Server Unicode Installation Guide.

Once Unicode is enabled on TCOSS, KCS components older than 9.2.0 are no longer allowed.

If you are using TC/Web:

  1. Update the computer with TCOSS first. Update all KCS components.
  2. Update the computer with TC/Web and TC/LINK-SM. Update all KCS components. 3 Update any additional computers with KCS components.

If you are not using TC/Web, link computers can be upgraded to KCS 9.2.0 even before computer with TCOSS (assuming that TCOSS and link are not on the same computer). For example, you can take advantage of the latest TC/LINK-MX7 which supports Exchange 2013 and continue working with TCOSS from KCS 9.1.1. Running different KCS versions on two different computers is supported, however, it is not recommended.

If you are using KCS components from two (or more) releases, you will be asked to update all your KCS components to the latest release (or roll back all KCS components to a single earlier release) before you can request a Critical-On-Demand hotfix patch. A release downgrade (rollback to an earlier KCS release) is not possible once Unicode has been activated in TC/Archive or TCOSS. Same applies to TC/Report and TC/Probe databases.

TCfW - Communication Server Client

SPR00177850 – TCfW order in Treeview has changed, Archive folder is now the last after all private folders

Cosmetic issue.
The Archive folder is placed at the very end of the available folders.
There is no known workaround.

SPR00177848 – TCfW main window does not use the standard Windows theme and changes the style if MDI windows are maximized

Cosmetic issue.
When maximizing an inner window (e.g. Inbox), the TCfW main window will change its appearance.
There is no known workaround.

SPR00177914 – The 'Lines' in the Line-statistics window are not lined up anymore

Cosmetic issue.
The reason for this are the channel-description and the comment that have an impact on the actual length of the 'Line'.
There is no real workaround, other than having the same comment length for all lines.

SPR00177826 – Updating the Client to KCS9.2 messes up the GUI

This is very challenging, as the menu and the toolbar are no longer usable.
It occurs if the option 'Save toolbar changes' is checked before the client is updated. If this was not activated, you won't face this problem.
If the GUI is scrambled, press [Alt] and use the cursor-keys to navigate to 'Admin' -> 'Application preferences...'.
Deactivate the checkbox 'Save toolbar changes' and close TCfW. After starting it again, everything is shown correctly.

SPR00177730 – Messages list not refreshing on Cursor- or PageDown key

In former versions it was possible to load further entries by using the 'Page Up and Page Down” keys. This is no longer possible.
Further entries can be loaded by using the mouse-wheel (in most of the cases) or when clicking the arrow to scroll further down.

SPR00177727 – Setting the Default Template in the User Profile isn't working

Within the ‘User Profile’ you have the possibility to change the default template. Even though it saves your entry, this template is not used for that user.
This only is an issue when you want to change the default template of an existing user, not when creating a new user.
Log on to TCfW with the User that should get a new default template, and navigate to 'Message' -> 'New select template...'.
Search for the template, activate the checkbox labelled 'Default template' and press ok.

SPR00178386 – Menu controls and toolbar are unresponsive if TCFW window is opened on a secondary monitor

When the main window of TCFW is opened on a secondary monitor, the menu controls as well as the toolbar are no longer responsive to mouse control.
You can still open the menu by pressing ALT and selecting with cursor keys. Mouse control only works when the TCfW-window is on the primary monitor.

KCS Monitoring

SPR00177899 – KCS Monitoring Setup might fail with Error 2738

During the update from KCS 9.1.1 to KCS 9.2, the KCS Monitoring setup could have a problem in executing the VB-script 'StopServices4Update'.

  1. Run Command Prompt as administrator: Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories
    Right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator”
  2. Type or paste the following command in the prompt: reg delete 'HKCU\SOFTWARE\Classes\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{B54F3741-5B07-11CF-A4B0-00AA004A55E8}' /f and hit Enter.
  3. Next, you must also type or paste the following command: c:\windows\syswow64\regsvr32 vbscript.dll, then hit Enter. You should get a popup reporting that the vbscript.dll was registered successfully.
  4. Run the KCS Setup again to install the ‘KCS Monitoring’ component.


SPR00177898 – After updating Voiceserver running KCS 9.1.1 and COD-1750 to KCS 9.2, TCECP fails to start

This problem only occurs if the customer has installed the COD-1750 on KCS 9.1.1 and then updates to KCS 9.2.
The reason why TCECP fails is that the DLLs, delivered with the COD, have a newer timestamp compared to the same DLLs delivered with KCS 9.2. Therefore these existing DLLs won’t be overwritten.
Either rename/delete the files that were delivered with the COD before the updating to KCS 9.2, or manually replace those files with the ones from KCS 9.2.


SPR00177700 – SuperUsers for Metamail and Voice don't work anymore

If the correct user and password is entered into the registry, TCWeb will be able to Login with this user only after the first IIS-reset.
After the 2nd IIS-reset, TcWeb will not be able to login with the ‘super user’ anymore.
Add the suffix '&Utf8=1' to the current SuperUser's Password and save this in the TcWeb registry and in the corresponding KCS user profile.
For example, if the previous Password was 'mypassword', the new one has to be 'mypassword&Utf8=1'


SPR00178222 – TC/Broadcast not working out of TC/Web

If you want to create a new Brodcasting job out of TC/Web, by sending this job you will get the error: Failed sending the message. Mail Message must contain a FROM email address.
This error message is shown when the defined domain was incorrect, and exists of only one string without a dot.
Enter a correct domain in the TC/Web configuration that consists of two strings, divided by a dot. Example: ''


TC/Link-MX7 not working with the Map-File from KCS 9.1.1 (or older)!

For the TC/Link-MX7 there is a new Map file available, which has to be installed, as the new TC/Link-MX7 will not work with the Map file from KCS 9.1.1.
Possible alterations of the Map file have to be reimplemented within this new Map-file.
There is no known workaround.

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