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Setup a dial-out prefix for FoIP.




Since KCS 9.0 it's possible to use more than just the numeric values for dialing out with FoIP. With KCS 9.0 the following options were added as well: #*ABCD.

The problem is that currently not all escape digits can be configured via the "escape digit for public exchange via PBX" option in the Wconfig setup. (TCOSS Configuration Tool)

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.18.24 PM.png

If you try to enter one of the new escape digits via the Wconfig setup you will get the following error:

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.18.36 PM.png

Window title: ERROR

Window text: wrong value


To actually use one of these dial-out characters you'll have to enter them directly in the required config line of the Channel config.

In config line 131 you can setup the prefix for internal sending.
In config line 132 you can setup the prefix for external sending.

For more information on these Config lines and how they play together please check the current 'TCOSS Configuration Manual'.

Say you want to dial out using "*9" and your connection type is a "connection via PBX with dial tone".
If you select "connection via PBX with dial tone" as your connection type in the Wconfig you'll see that config line 132 already contains the letters "PP". Every P introduces a 1 second pause in the dialing process. It's best to leave these in place and simply add your desired dial-out prefix after the existing entry. For more information please consult the current "TCOSS System Manual'.
In this case you'll have to set config line 132 to "PP*9".

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.18.47 PM.png

Applies to

  • KCS 9.0 and above

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