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Can I use KCS TC/LINK-OC to send out alert messages via e-Mail?




A customer wants to receive system Error messages (ATExxxx) via e-Mail. Can I use the free TC/LINK-OC (without TC/WEB) for this?


Principally TC/LINK-OC can be also used without TC/WEB, but not for the purpose you want to use it.

TC/LINK-OC is a specific TC/LINK-SM (which needs no license) and this "OC" mode is detected with following registry values:

  2. HKLM\SOFTWARE\TOPCALL\TCLINKSM\TCLSM\SMFixedRecipient=<empty string>
  3. HKLM\SOFTWARE\TOPCALL\TCLINKSM\TOPCALL\ChkDisSend=1 (accept only inbound messages for which it finds a shadow user)

If one of these registry values is not configured in the way listed above, TC/LINK-OC runs as TC/LINK-SM and requires a license. The items 1. and 2. make it impossible to use TC/LINK-OC for the outgoing direction (KCS ->SMTP).

So TC/LINK-OC can be only used to receive SMTP messages and you cannot use TC/LINK-OC to send out alert messages.

Applies to:

  • KCS TC/LINK-SM or TC/LINK-OC, all versions

Keywords: smtp, oc, smincomming, outgoing,

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