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Password rules for the SAP RFC User




When delivering messages from TOPCALL to SAP (inbound FAX messages, notification) the TCLINKSC trace reports the following error:

ID:15025 RFC exception SYSTEM_FAILURE,

This error is most likely caused by the SAP RFC User being locked out due to a password not complying with the SAP password rules. Please change it's password based on the following rules and unlock it afterwards as described later in this article.

  1. The password should be specified in UPPERCASE characters only (only for LIBRFC < 7.x) within the TC/LINKSC registry [..\TCLINKSC\SAP\RFCPassword] and the SAP transaction /nsu01.
  2. Use an odd number of characters for the password (5, 7, 9,... characters)
  3. Use at least one character of the password OUTSIDE the ranges 0..9, a..f and A..F
  4. Verify with the SAP Administrator that there is no policy applied for regular password changes or a required Password change during first login. The sap help implicates in a hint that the password of communication users never expires: "Assign the appropriate user type for users whose passwords should not expire, for example, system or communication users that are used for background processing or for communicating between systems."
  5. The RFC user used by TC/LINK-SC must have a user type "Communications" (tab "Logon data" within user profile in SAP) and have the profiles S_A.CPIC and S_A.SCON (tab "Profiles" within user profile in SAP)

After assuring, that the password for the SAP RFC User matches the criteria above, please check whether the account has been locked due to too many failed attempts:
To unlock the user in SAP use the transaction /nsu01. Enter the username and select then "Users - Lock" from the menu or use the button with the padlock symbol.


In the dialog being opened you can then use the "Unlock" button:


If the system has the password policy "Change password at first logon" also enabled for other than interactive GUI users (TCLINKSC uses a CPIC user), change temporarily the user type in SAP (tab "Logon data") to "Interactive", try to login with SAPGUI, change the password (as required in first login) and change the user type back to CPIC user afterwards.

In case of still getting ID:15025 RFC exception SYSTEM_FAILURE event log entries / Trace entries, please activate the RFC_TRACE=1 within the C:\TCOSS\TCLP\SAPRFC.INI. There are two RFC_TRACE definitions for each TCLINKSC instance, check the instance name defined within the squared brackets [ ], and activate it for both occurrences.
After activating the RFC_TRACE, TC/LINK-SC must be restarted, the error messages are logged then by the LIBRFC32.DLL into the C:\TCOSS\TCLP\dev_rfc.trc. Check also the C:\TCOSS\TCLP\rfc*.trc for possible error messages

Keywords: SAP, RFC, Password, ID:15025 RFC exception SYSTEM_FAILURE, SAPNote: 862989

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