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Fax interruption when sending to a Toll-Free number


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When faxing to a Toll-Free number the fax communication can be interrupted by a too long greeting message.

The time-out for the greeting message is per default 50 seconds (most of the greeting messages aren't longer then that). But in case the introduction message is longer then the default set value, it is possible to increase (or decrease) this time-out by reconfiguring the Configuration Line 71 of the Transputer Fax Module (UTF).

Config Line 71 (2 positions)

1st Position:

max. waiting time for identification of called station
00..FF =0..255s (used during sending, default 50s)

2nd Position:

DCS time-out
00..FF =0..255s (used during reception, default 50s)

This time-out only applies for connections that are already established. So it is not used if e.g. a busy tone is received.

Applies to

  • TC/SP 7.82.00 - 7.88.04

Keywords: Toll-FreeConfig Line 71Time-OutGreeting

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