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LS1v1 upgrade guide.




If you want to upgrade your TC/SP 7.70.00 (TCOSS.exe 7.66.05) or older to any version after TC/SP 7.70.00 you need to pay attention to the installed system image versions of your LS1v1.

If the installed system image is older than 7.49.00 you first have to update your LS1v1 system image to at least version 7.49.00 BEFORE updating your TC/SP.

The recommended step is to upgrade all your LS1v1s to the latest/newest system image before updating the TC/SP. Older TC/SP versions should have no issues with LS1v1s equipped with the newest system images. You can see the above described compatibility also portrayed in the table below.

Installed System on LS1V1 Compatible Voice Server Compatible TCOSS Versions

TC/SP 7.46.10 - 7.48.00

TC/SP 7.46.10 - 7.71.06+

TC/SP 7.46.10 -7.70.00

TCOSS 7.46.10 -7.66.05

TC/SP 7.49.00 - 7.86.00+

TC/SP 7.46.10 - 7.86.00+

TC/SP 7.46.10 -7.86.00+

TCOSS 7.46.10 -7.86.01+

How to check the installed image version

You can check the currently installed system image directly on the LS1v1 display. So you will need someone with direct physical access to the LS1v1. There’s no need to disconnect the LS1v1 from the network while doing this.

  • Press the button labelled “MODE” a couple of times until you see the word “Versions” on the display.
  • Press the button labelled “SET”. The number next to the word “System” should be the currently installed system image.

How to install a new image version

You won’t be able to use the LS1v1 while performing this procedure so make sure to take some downtime into account.

To update the system image you will need the LSD tool (Line Server Diagnostics). The LSD tool is part of the TC/SP and can be installed by running the TC/SP setup. Be sure to install the LSD tool from the needed TC/SP version. The needed system and application images are included in the LSD installation. You can find it under the “Administrative Tools (Group)”. Install this tool on a pc that is equipped with a serial port and that is able to directly access the LS1v1 with a null modem cable.

  • Start the LSD tool. Start -> Programs -> ‘Kofax Communication Server’ -> ‘Line Server Diagnostic Tool’
  • To actually install the new system image you’ll first need to stop the Line Server. This will kill all active traffic. Click on “Stop LS1 for Configuration”Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.47.54 PM.png
  • Stopping the LS1v1 will activate the other options in the LSD tool. If you select the “Install System Image” button the updating process will start immediately. The whole process should take about 10 minutes.
    Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.49.43 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.50.54 PM.png
  • Click “Quit” to exit the LSD tool and to reboot the LS1v1.
  • Check the installed system image version on the display.

You found this article after doing the TC/SP upgrade.

If you did the TC/SP upgrade without updating the LS1v1 system images you will see one of the following scenarios.

  • The LS1v1 fails to start immediately after the TC/SP update. (see trace excerpt below)
  • The LS1v1 works after the update but will not work anymore after the next Linux (LS1v1 OS) restart.

For the first scenario you can apply the following workaround:

Replace the tc16.elf file (C:\MT\7xxxx\PRG) with the tc16.elf version from TC/SP 7.70.00 until all LS1v1 images have been updated. You can extract this file from the TC/SP package or contact your next level of support.

For the second scenario you’ll need to install a new system image with the LSD tool. The LS1v1 won’t boot until this has been done.

Additional information

Trace excerpt of a failed LS1v1 boot.

17/16:35:27.156 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Connecting failed. Winsock Error Code: 10060 Connection timed out 17/16:35:27.218 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Close Connection (Socket=2228)

17/16:35:30.296 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Connecting to IP: Port: 5000 (Dsp 0)

17/16:35:30.343 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] TCP/IP Connection established. Starting Autentication

17/16:35:30.421 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Session accepted

17/16:35:30.484 (6dec/6f48) trpLinkActivate Link=5, ecm=0

17/16:35:30.531 (6dec/6f48) trpLinkActivate Link=5 returned (MaxBootBandwidth=0Bytes/s)

17/16:35:36.531 (6dec/6d38) Boot LS1(L.1.DSP0): File ATC16PROGRAM on LS1: Size=581720,CRC=e0e7ab29,Rel=

17/16:35:36.609 (6dec/6d38) Boot LS1(L.1.DSP0): Required Version of ATC16PROGRAM: Size=779408,CRC=c74ac893,Version= - starting update

17/16:35:36.968 (6dec/6d38) Boot LS1(L.1.DSP0): File ATC16PROGRAM on LS1 was successfully updated. (3117632 Bytes/s; PeakSendTime=16ms)

17/16:35:37.093 (6dec/6d38) Boot LS1(L.1.DSP0): Reset Link to LS1 due to TC16/22 Update

17/16:35:37.187 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Close Connection (Socket=2224)

17/16:35:40.265 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Connecting to IP: Port: 5000 (Dsp 0)

17/16:35:41.234 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Connecting failed. Winsock Error Code: 10061 Connection refused

17/16:35:41.296 (6dec/6f48) LanLink[001] Close Connection (Socket=2228)

A typical LS1V1 serial output is shown below:

17/16:35:37.203 (10934/10940) [Jul 17 16:35:36.394 23] Closing socket 12 (connection: 0)

17/16:35:37.296 (10934/10940)

17/16:35:37.328 (10934/10940) [Jul 17 16:35:36.395 23] TCDisconnect called!

17/16:35:37.343 (10934/10940) [Jul 17 16:35:36.395 23] Attempt to close already closed connection (socket: -1 connection: 0)

17/16:35:37.375 (10934/10940)

17/16:35:37.390 (10934/10940) Cs1 was terminated (1), using cs1new now

17/16:35:39.062 (10934/10940) -rw-r--r-- 10        0        8 Jan 1 1970 app_img_info.txt   

17/16:35:39.125 (10934/10940) -r--r--r-- 10        0        12 Nov 12 2002 conf.tx

17/16:35:39.171 (10934/10940) -rwxrwxrwx 10        0        581720 Nov 12 2002 cs1

17/16:35:39.234 (10934/10940) -rwxrwxrwx 10        0        779408 Jul 17 16:35 cs1new

17/16:35:39.265 (10934/10940) -rwxr--r-- 10        0        4092 Nov 12 2002 ls1rc

17/16:35:39.328 (10934/10940) -r--r--r-- 10        0        3199141 Nov 12 2002 tc22.asc

17/16:35:39.359 (10934/10940)

17/16:35:39.375 (10934/10940) Relocating cs1new to cs1 and removing cs1

17/16:35:39.390 (10934/10940) cp: write: No space left on device

17/16:35:39.437 (10934/10940) -rw-r--r-- 10        0       8 Jan 1 1970 app_img_info.txt 

17/16:35:39.468 (10934/10940) -r--r--r-- 10        0        12 Nov 12 2002 conf.txt

17/16:35:39.531 (10934/10940) -rwxrwxrwx        0        602112 Jul 17 16:35 cs1

17/16:35:39.562 (10934/10940) -rwxr--r-- 10        0        4092 Nov 12 2002 ls1rc

17/16:35:39.593 (10934/10940) -r--r--r-- 10        0        3199141 Nov 12 2002 tc22.asc

17/16:35:40.125 (10934/10940) Starting cs1 (2)

17/16:35:40.265 (10934/10940) Bus error (SIGBUS) in PID: 39 addr: 100c9e74

17/16:35:40.328 (10934/10940) This means that your application just crashed.

17/16:35:40.343 (10934/10940) NIP: C000D2BC XER: 20000000 LR: C004FBE8 SP: C0795C20 REGS: c0795b70 TRAP: 1100 Not tainted

Applies to

  • TC/SP – All Versions (Article based on TC/SP 7.86.00)
  • LS1v1

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