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Serial Null Modem Cable pin layout.




To use the LSD tool (Line Server Diagnostics) for changing settings on or oploading a new system image to an LS1 you need a null modem cable.

If you need to make one yourself or want to verify its layout you can use the following information:

You'll need two female DB-9 plugs:

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.29.08 AM.png

Connect them in the following way:

 DB9-1                                           DB9-2
Receive Data 2 3 Transmit Data
transmit Data 3 2 Receive Data
Data Terminal Ready  4 6+1 Data Set ready + Carrier Detect
System Ground 5 5 System Ground 
Data Set ready + Carrier Detect  6+1 4 Data Terminal Ready
Request to Send 7 8 Clear to Send
Clear to Send 8 7 Request to semd 

Applies to

  • LS1 v1
  • LS1 v2
  • LSD tool - All supported versions

Keywords: RS232DB9 - DB9pin, connection layout

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