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Setting the CallerID for outgoing calls - FAX/FoIP




There are 3 possibilities to set the Caller ID for outgoing fax calls:

  1. Via Cover command ++CID (System Manual " Setting the Caller ID of Outgoing Faxes")
    The ++CID command is part of the document sent, typically part of the template/cover. As described in the manual, the ++CID command must be the first line to appear in the document (otherwise it won't work).
    For example, if you set "++CID 1234" as the first line, the callerID will be "1234". This is the best method to set it on a per-user basis.

  2. Via channel config (System Manual " Configuring Own Telephone Number")
    In the number conversion table 254-283, you can set a general rule for outgoing calls to use a specific callerID. As described in the manual, you need a line starting with "8" to specify, it is a rule for outgoing calls. Then enter a callerID before a percent sign (%) followed by the dialed number.
    Then in this line, the match can be anything or a specific number like:


    The first example matches any outgoing call and sets the caller ID to "1234".
    The second one only matches outgoing calls starting with number "0800111" and sets the caller ID to "5678".

  3. Using Cost center (System Manual " Using Cost Center as Caller ID")When you enter a number in TCFW containing a % sign, this % sign will be converted to the configured cost center of the sender. Additionally, when you use a second % sign, anything before that percent is interpreted as callerID.
    In practice, you would enter the following into the ARR99, probably into the **ROUTE section:

Using this, the fax simply gets the configured cost center as callerID. You can also add a prefix before the first percent sign, so that the complete callerID is a combination of prefix and cost center.

Applies to

  • All KCS Version

Keywords: callerID, ISDN, FoIP

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