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Tiffy Viewer Certificates Update




Normally the Tiffy Viewer update is done automatically once the new certificates have been provided.

If the update does not work, this is most likely caused by one of the following reasons:

Please verify, the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Topcall\TCWeb\CertificateAutoUpdateURL =

/Update: The new URL is now instead of A web browser may automatically redirect to the new URL but TC/Web update function does not!

Please verify, that the TC/Web Server is allowed to access the internet.

If CertificateAutoUpdateURL is configured correctly and the TC/Web server has access to the internet, but the update still does not work, the issue is most likely caused by the TC/Web process not being able to delete/modify the old license files. In that scenario you can simply got to C:\TCOSS\TCWEB and rename the files "" and "ach.jar". Now the automatic update should work.
To avoid this kind of manual intervention in the future, the IIS user must have "Full Access" on the C:\TCOSS\TCWEB directory. By default, this is the Network Service account, but you can change/check this in the Identity settings of the Application Pool in IIS.

Applies to

  • TC/Web
  • Tiffy Viewer

Keywords: TC/Web, tcweb, tiffy, viewer, certificate, expired

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