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TCfW setting default Japanese Font




Customers who are sending messages out of TCfW may encounter some troubles if they are using the TC Font. This can be fixed by using another font like the MS Gothic UI Font instead of the TOPCALL font. The problem with that way is that it is not possible to set the MS UI Gothic as the default font, without applying this workaround. (This means per default, for every single message which is sent from TCfW the Font must be changed manually)

Problem description

I will explain the problem with an example.

Let's assume the customer is using TCfW to send out fax messages and he wants to send out this string of Japanese characters:

  • ??????????????????????????
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

This is how it looks like if the whole system (Windows, KCS and TCfW) have the regional settings and code- page set to Japanese, but the used Font is the TC Font:

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 4.33.59 PM.png

And this is how it looks like if the whole system is set to the Japanese codepage and using the MS Gothic UI Font:

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 4.34.10 PM.png

It is clearly visible that the message which is sent using the TC font (even if all other settings are set to Japanese) delivers unreadable broken characters.

The problem discussed in this solution is that it is not possible to define a different language specific font (in this case MS UI Gothic) as the default font. But the originator of the message has to change the font from TC to "MS UI Gothic" manually on every message that should be transmitted.

Workaround scenario

Since it is not possible to select the default font via template, the source of the problem lies inside TCfW.

So what is exactly needed to have a running KCS System using the Japanese code-page:
(also see Article 000003526 - How do I configure a language for the 'Kofax Communication Server' different from English?)

  1. The Sysconf line 10, pos 3 & 4 must be set to: 03 A4 (which is in decimal 932 - Japanese Code Page) - TCOSS Restart is required.
  2. The machines where TCfW and TCOSS are executed must both have the regional settings set to Japanese and also the support for Asian Languages has to be installed.
  3. Inside TCfW under [Admin] -> [Common Preferences] -> [TAB Workstation] the Font "MS UI Gothic" has to be selected. The PC Code page must be set to "Japan", press OK.
IMPORTANT: This step solves the problem where it is not possible to set the "MS UI Gothic" font as the default. Navigate to [Admin] -> [Common Preferences] -> [TAB Messaging Server] -> TC Code Page drop down. Currently the TC Code Page drop down contains only two options: "TCOSS Code page 0" or "TCOSS Code Page 1". Both of these code pages do NOT cover Japanese characters. This is the reason why the "MS UI Gothic" font can't be set as the default. To override this setting type in the drop down box manually: "932" - which stands for Japanese.
The configuration window should look like this:

 With these setting the "MS UI Gothic" font is selected as default and Japanese characters are sent out successfully.

Applies to

  • TC/CP - all supported Versions

Keywords: 932, Default font, TCfW fontGothic, 188659, Japanese, Asian

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