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Ignoring incoming attachments embedded in body for TC/Link-SM/MX7


This "Fast Publish" solution is based on one case only and most likely doesn't cover all possible solution scenarios or error descriptions. This solution is provided as-is and may contain limited technical imperfections and consequently may be revised at any time. If you have the same or similar error situation and the provided solution doesn't help in resolving your issue, or if you have further questions or possible additions, please contact your next level of support. 3630


There may be the requirement at the customer to ignore embedded images or attachments in the body part of an incoming email, that should be forwarded to TC/LINK-CCD for processing in 'Kofax Capture'.

They need to ignore it because these emails contain unconvertible signature graphics or other unconvertible parts. To do this relatively easy, there is a setting for the registry key

HKLM\Software\Topcall\TCLINKxx\General\SupportMultipartRelatedHtml (xx = SM or MX7, Type = REG_DWORD)

This key is not documented in the manual. If you set this registry key to "2", attachments inside the body part will be removed before passing the message on.

Applies to

All versions of TC/Link-SM/MX7 starting with TC/LP 2.32.00 (specifically tested with 2.36.00)

Keywords: TC/Link-SM, TC/Link-MX7,embedded, signature, body

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