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Block 'Out of Office' replies on EXCHANGE 2007 (TC/LINK-MX7)

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How to block Out of Office replies on EXCHANGE 2007 when integrated with TC/LINK-MX7


For each mail domain used by KCS (or more generally for all subdomains of TCLINKMX\TCLSM\SMLinkDomain, e.g. *.tc) you can configure a separate Remote Domain within Hub Transport configuration of the Exchange 2007 organisation.

To block 'Out of Office replies' uncheck "Allow automatic replies" in the configuration panel of this remote domain as shown below.

But of course - to make the status update possible (Active forwarded --> sent OK) for messages sent from TCOSS to Exchange, delivery- and Nondelivery Reports must be allowed.

Hub Transport.png


NOTE: The 'AutomaticMessageTypes' registry value only exists for TCLINKMX 2003, because it checks the Message-Class - a MAPI property of the message sent from Exchange. With TCLINKMX7 the communication is SMTP based, not MAPI based.

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Kofax Communication Server 9.x, 10.x      


Article # 3035026
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