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Change the page margins for messages sent from Lotus Notes

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The customer uses TC/LINK-LN to send out FAX messages.They use 'Richtext Format' (registry value TCLINKLN\NOTES\Richtext=1 or 2) without 'Advanced RTF conversion' (Registry value TCLINKLN\General\AdvancedRTFConversion=0). They also use a cover with a header and footer line which is stored in the TCOSS FIS folder. When using this cover they're required to change the Page margins of the RTF messages originating from Lotus Notes, otherwise the message content overlaps with the Image parts of the cover. So the Margins when printing the RTF messages have to be changed in order for the the message contents to fit between the header and the footer of the cover.


Changing the Margins for the Lotus Notes RTF conversion can be done as follows:

  • Configure the TC/LINK-LN to be started with desktop interaction.
  • Start the TC/LINK-LN and send a message, so that the Lotus Notes Client is started with the correct user.
  • Now select the print.nsf in the Lotus Notes Workspace panel and select Menu option "File" - "Page Setup" and change the predefined values to the wanted values.

Side note: If the measurements are in 'Inches' and you want to have it in 'Centimeters' (or the other way round), you can change this under "File" - "Preferences..." - "Regional Settings"


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Article # 3035084
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