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Deleted KCS User by mistake

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During maintenance, a Kofax Communication Server (KCS) administrator accidentally deleted a KCS User.


  • Option 1: Restore from previous backup via the "TCfW Communication Server Client" tool. (in short: TCfW)
    This option can be used if you want to restore ALL previously backed up KCS User Profiles, Address Book and Services from a specific time.
    Backup & Restore is done via TCfW.
    Backup_Restore_TCfW.png Backup_UserProfiles_AddressBook_Services.png Restore_UserProfiles_AddressBook_Services.png
  • Option 2: Manually recreate the KCS user via TCfW.
    For this example, we have:
    • Setup another Virtual Machine and installed only TCOSS and TCfW.
    • Restored all User Profiles, Address Book and Services
    • Recreate the missing KCS user on the KCS system on which it was accidentally deleted, based on the KCS user that was restored on the new VM.

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Kofax Communication Server   All Windows  


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Article # 3038583
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