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Fixed SMTP notification originator

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How to configure a fixed SMTP originator with KCS


To have a fixed originator in delivery and nondelivery notifications, a couple of settings need to be implemented.

  • First of all the custom key called SMPostmaster: the value provided in this key will be used as the "MAIL FROM:" address in the notification message.
  • The second part which needs to be fulfilled is to enable one of the following two keys

When ChkDisSend is set to 0x01, only users existing in the KCS user store are allowed to send from the remote mail system. When a user, who does not exist tries to send via KCS, TCLINK will return a non-delivery notification. If the request is only to have non empty notifications we suggest to set the NotifyMailFrom key to 0x01, instead of using ChkDisSend.

NotifyMailFrom triggers a non-empty sender address in case of a notification. The reason for this feature is that some mail servers do not accept an empty "MAIL FROM:<>". Therefore the "MAIL FROM:" is always filled with the value of the SMPostmaster key.

If also other modules are involved in the message flow (for example the SMTP message is thrown in via TC/Link-FI) then the LinkGroup of the modules needs to be set to the same value:


The LinkGroup key of the other included module needs to be the same as the LinkGroup key of TC/Link-SM. If not, then the SMPostmaster value won't be used in this message flow.

The fixed notification originator can also be used for the TC/Link-MX7, as the communication is based on SMTP as well. Depending on the recipient of the notification, it can happen that the Full Name of the original originator of the message is transferred. The MAIL FROM part of the SMTP message is set correctly, according to the SMPostmaster key, but the Full Name is taken anyway from the originator of the SMTP message.

Then the notification would look like this:

Delivery failure.png

This issue can be avoided by a MAP-file change. Please contact your next level of support to receive instructions what changes need to be done to fix this issue.


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Kofax Communication Server 9.x, 10.x      


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Article # 3035027
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