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Hiding the SMS originator number in TC\LINK-WM and MD

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Is it possible to Hide the SMS originator number in TC/LINK-WM and TC/LINK-MD?


Below solution describes how to possibly hide / suppress the originator mobile number.   


TC/LINK-WM uses the GSM box for sending the SMS messages and the behaviour of the GSM box in direction to the GSM network is similar to a normal GSM mobile phone, where you normally cannot hide the number when sending SMS messages. In theory it's possible to hide or suppress the number of your SIM card, but everything depends on what the mobile provider allows. 

If your provider offers a command to hide the number when sending a sms message you can specify this command under the following registry key:



With TC/LINK-MD (direct SMSC connection via TCP/IP) you can configure either a fixed ReplyAddress or you can configure it per User.

This can be done using the following registry keys:


The number that is set as originating address for the SMS. The recipient will be able to send replies to this number.


If the originating KCS user has an address defined using this service, this number will be taken as originating address instead of the default reply address.


NOTE: As you can see TC/LINK-MD is more flexible regarding configuring the originator number!

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Kofax Communication Server - TC/LINK-WM & TC/LINK-MD All      


Check the current TC/Link-WM and TC/Link-MD manual for more information.

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