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Hint on how to Update KCS

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This article describes the general approach on how to update a Kofax Communication Server (KCS) system, without taking details on specific products / features into consideration.
This guide is for certified KCS technicians (KCSC2), if you need more details or need help on an Update, please contact Technical Support / Professional Services.


  1. Get the latest KCS Software
  2. Get the hotfixes that apply to your installation
  3. Check if the current KCS System is running on a supported operating system. See Communication Server Technical Specifications.
  4. Contact Technical Support to check compatibility of PS modules
  5. Before updating a KCS system, please make a backup using 1 of the options below:
    • Either via TCBackup (if installed)
    • Either via KCSBackup (if installed)
    • Either manually
      • Registry of the full Topcall Hive (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TOPCALL)
      • Backup User Profiles, Address Book, Services
      • Backup important files from the System folder, FIS folder, Message folder
      • Backup the TCOSS configuration (WCONFIG)
  6. Before shutting down the KCS System, make sure there is no message traffic
  7. In case there's no message traffic, stop the TCSRV service via Windows Services Manager (services.msc) and set the service to manual
  8. VM snapshots or Checkpoint can be taken as a Rollback possibility if you are running KCS in a Virtual environment (If required).
  9. Adapt the defaults.ini according to installed Link modules
  10. Start the KCS Setup and update the required components
  11. Once Setup is finished, update/install the TCOSS configuration
  12. Reboot the server and start the TCSRV service via Windows Services Manager (services.msc) and set the servicer to automatic
  13. Check if all KCS modules are running via the KCS Monitor / KCS Portal
  14. Check the Windows Event logs for any errors
  15. Start testing the KCS System and your business workflow, f.i.
    • Inbound/Outbound Fax
    • Document conversion (MS Office, PDF, ...)
    • Forward incoming Fax to Mailbox, Printer, ...
    • Reception Delivery/Non-Delivery notifications
    • ...


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Kofax Communication Server all      


Please also have a look at the latest Release notes and Manuals: Communication_Server_Product_Documentation


Article # 3039305
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