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Hints for KCS FoIP Inbound Voice Recognition

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For KCS FoIP a couple of things need to be taken into account when using Voice with the 'redirected number feature'.



For FoIP with Voice, config line 295 (and also 286) has no impact on the number used for Voice Access. The only options that do influence the number are the settings in the FoIP configuration.

This means that for any call that arrives in FoIP a check for the "TO" number is performed in the 'number conversion table' in order to decide if the call should go to Voice or not. So the 'number conversion table' is searched for entries beginning with a "3".

Here, also a number conversion is done for every other number inside the call. So also the FROM and the Diversion numbers are converted based on the settings in the 'number conversion table'.

After the call has been redirected to Voice, based on the setting in the config there, the (now converted) TO or Diversion number is used for VoiceAccess.


If number 100 calls 101, and this user forwards the call to the Voice Server (number 800), the 'number conversion table' needs to contain an entry for 800 that marks the call as a voice call.
Additionally, if the original number dialed was not 101 but 83101 for example, and the voice mail box only uses extension 101, you need to configure this in the 'number conversion table' as well with the line:



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  • KCS FoIP all versions
  • TC/VoiceAccess


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