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How can I monitor a specific queue in TCOSS using TCOSS Web Services (TWS)

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The Customer uses TWS to send SMS messages and they want to use TWS to monitor also specific TCOSS queues, i.e. checking the open (unterminated) send orders of this queue using TWS, similar to the function "ShowMyOutbox" in the TWS 'Test server' web page.



This function can be achieved by extending TWS with an additional Web service method:

With the upcoming version of TWS (KCS 9.0) it will become even easier (will contain Exits and the possibility to include custom Methods).

Today the steps are as follows (requires TWS from TCSP 7.86.00)

  • Check whether the customer uses the default TWS or whether any changes have been applied to his configuration, especially make a file-compare of the
    'C:\TOPCALL\TWS\00\xcd\Create_Config.xslt' used by the customer with the default file as shipped with TC/SP.
  • Create a backup copy of the 'C:\TOPCALL\TWS\00\xcd\Create_Config.xslt', e.g. 'Create_Config.original.xslt'
  • Open 'Create_Config.xslt' in any Editor
  • Search for ShowMyOutbox
  • Add the following template above this line <xsl:template match="ShowMyOutbox">
    It will display a maximum of 100 sendorders in the outbox, assigned to the specified queue.
    <xsl:template match="ShowOutBoxOfQueue">
                    / Queue: <xsl:value-of select="Queue"/>
                <tsl:invoke tsl:target="tcoss">
                                <xsl:value-of select="Queue"/>
  • Save the modified 'Create_Config.xslt' (see attached also the file with the changes already included based on the standard XSLT as shipped with TCSP 7.86.00)
  • Open again the configuration screen for TWS "Configure TCOSS Web Services" shortcut from the start menu.
  • Do not make any changes, just exit again. At this step a new 'Config\InternalConfig.xml' will be generated using the above modified XSLT.
  • Verify in the command prompt window that the configuration file was built successfully and check also the 'last modified date' of the 'Config\InternalConfig.xml' file.
  • Restart TWS from TCSRV service.
  • Now you can enter following URL within your Browser, the queue name can be specified as a parameter, you can also use * to view the messages from all queues.
    See below an example for the URL in a Test environment:
  • The results returned in the Browser will look similar as the example attached (see ShowOutBoxOfQueue.jpg)


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