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How to Use TCPROBE for Testing Internet connection via TC/LINK-SM

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Customer want to test the internet connection with TCPROBE 
KCS Version is 10.3


Configure TCPROBE like described in the manual for TCLINK-MX7

In case of SMTP-based Probes it is needed to have the service.
Out of the Probe Agent Manual page 45/46 you have:

Installation Steps
3. Optional: Create a TCOSS service for sending to TC/Probe.
This step is necessary if TC/Probe will be used together with TC/LINK-MX7.
Service settings: address type “Free address”, prefix: probe agent user name followed by a colon,
e.g. “TCPROBE:”, support text, image, restricted text and binary.
This service will be used in the sender address of all probe messages. Probe destinations must
support sending to this service. For Lotus Notes, this means that a foreign domain has to be created
for the service. For TC/LINK-MD and TC/LINK-MQ, you have to configure the service name in the
link registry (see Probe SMS Messages for details).

This avoids the ":" in the fullname "TCPROBE#FREE#TCPROBE:P000056111" and this should solve the problem

After these steps TCOSS has to be restarted, so that the newly created service is registered

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Commonication Server - any SMTP-Based Link KCS 10.3      


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