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How to add a TCOSS instance to an ASP system without stopping TCSRV

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When running setup.exe from KCS package 9.1 or higher it always stops TCSRV.
Especially for ASP systems this behaviour isn't desired for simply adding a KCS instance.
This article describes a way to workaround this behavior.


To add another TCOSS instance without stopping the TCSRV following actions need to be taken:

  1. Export the registry of an already existing TCOSS instance (e.g.: TCOSS01).
  2. Open the REG-file with a text-editor and replace all appearances of the old instance (e.g.:TCOSS01) with the new instance (e.g.:TCOSS02)
  3. Import the changed REG-File
  4. Open the registry editor and add the new instance to Startup key (HKLM\Software\Topcall\Boot\Startup)
  5. Configure the CustomerID (HKLM\Software\Topcall\TCOSS02\CustomerID) for the new Customer
  6. Change the KCS FileStructure Name for this new instance (..\TCOSS02\Drive0\FileName)
  7. Start a CMD prompt, go to 'C:\TCOSS\SYSTEM', start "TCDISK /k:TCOSS02" and create/format the new KCS FileStructure with the needed values.
  8. Start WConfig, select "06) Install configuration to multi-TCOSS instance" and choose the newly created TCOSS instance.
  9. Go to 'C:\TCOSS\SYSTEM', copy the TCOSS.exe and rename the copied file to match your new TCOSS instance (e.g.: TCOSS02.exe)
  10. Run "TCOSS02 /k:TCOSS02 /i" to create the default users.
  11. Start the KCS Monitor and reload the process list ("Tools -> Supervisor -> Reload Process List" or the button between "Start Supervisor" and "Stop Supervisor")

WARNING: Please make sure that all the mentioned changes within the registry have been done - especially the change of the KCS FileStructure Name - before you format the disk.
Otherwise an existing KCS FileStructure could be affected (even though this shouldn't be possible as those KCS FileStructures should be locked if they're running).
Be aware that you should only use this information for setting up a new TCOSS instance if the customer can not live with the TCSRV being down for a short time!
It is still recommended to use the KCS-Setup to add another instance as there is quite some space for possible mistakes which could have a side effect on the existing system.


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Article # 3035041
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