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How to check if the line server is OK

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How to check if a Line Server (LS1 v2) is up and running.


There are a number of things that can be checked.

- If the Kofax Communication Server (KCS) is already connected to the line server, it can be observed in KCS Monitor.

LS1 Node status in KCS monitor.

The node will be displayed in blue.

Additionally, you can check if the configured fax channels have been loaded successfully.

Fax channel status in KCS monitor.

If this is the case, the channels will be displayed in black and white (if faxes are being sent or received, the arrows might be blue or green)

If KCS has not connected to the LS1 yet, you can check if the IP of the LS1 is responding by simply pinging it via the command prompt:

Ping via cmd

If this succeeds, you can also try and telnet the line server from a command prompt by entering: telnet <IP of line server> 5000 (port 5000 is the standard port, it might have been changed. If it has been changed you can check the current value in the registry:


The telnet command will look like this:

Telnet to LS1

If telnet succeeds, you will see the following:

Telnet result.

This means that the line server is ready for connections.

If the option to allow remote administration is activated on the LS1, you can also connect to it via the web browser to see if everything is OK.

Enter https://<ip_of_lineserver>. You should land on the RLA web page and then be prompted for credentials. Enter “admin” as user and “TCTECH” as password (unless you changed these).

RLA page of LS1


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