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How to delete all confirmed messages from the KCS file structure

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This article describes how to delete all confirmed messages from the KCS file structure, this might be useful during the initial deployment of a KCS system to remove all test messages. The procedure described in the solution section deletes all confirmed (send ok) messages without losing any user, settings or licenses.



All history of sent and received messages will be removed with no way to recover!!
It is advised to consult with a KCS support engineer before applying this solution. 


To delete the short-term archive you will need to delete the AARCHIVFILE0 with the TCDEL tool. This tool can be found in the 'C:\TCOSS\SYSTEM' folder.

  1. Stop TCOSS via the 'Kofax Communication Server Monitor'.
  2. Open an command prompt with administrative rights.
  3. Browse to: 'C:\TCOSS\SYSTEM'.
  4. Enter: "tcdel +MAILSYS/AARCHIVFILE0" (the last character is a zero)
  5. After a couple of seconds a message will be thrown back reporting that 1 file has been deleted.
  6. Start TCOSS again via the 'Kofax Communication Server Monitor'.

During start, TCOSS will create a new empty AARCHIVFILE0 file.


NOTE: Deleting the AARCHIVFILE0 file will cause a short-term archive lost state in TC/Archive and TC/Report which must be handled!

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