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How to perform a quick system check for KCS

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How can you check the system if the links are running and there are no system errors



Open KCS Monitor

  • Check if all links are running (green)
  • Check if the fax channels are not grayed out
  • If it is a tandem system, also check if the two disks are synchronized
  • Check if KCS System is running “never” expiring license

Open TCfW or TC/Web

  • Check if there are any pending messages in the Outbox. If so, check why
  • Check if there are any pending messages in the Inbox. If so, check why
  • Check for error messages in the System Folder (File names start with ATE*)
  • Go to the Disk Usage and check if one of the bars is mostly red. This should not be the case
  • Check message traffic for any high volume re-occurring errors via TCfW / TCWEB / KCS Portal. Check Unfiltered In- and Outbox.

Open Windows File Explorer

  • Check if the local drives have enough disc space
  • Check if the folder C:\Temp\HELPME\PROBLEMS\ has files in it (document conversion issues)

General Checks

  • Check on each server the Windows Event logs for any errors
  • Check if periodic backups are taken either via TCBackup, KCSBackup or manually
  • Check if there is enough free disk space on all KCS Servers.
  • If TCArchive is installed, check if there is enough disk space for Online/Offline volumes.


If any of the above is not OK, get in contact with Kofax Technical Support.

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