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How to setup a dial out prefix for FAX over IP containing non-numeric characters

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Typically the digit 0 is used as dial-out prefix to get a public line. But in some environments you have to configure more than a single digit or you even have to configure non-numeric characters which should be used as dial out prefix to get a public line. The Kofax Communication Server supports the following dial-out characters: 0..9#*ABCD
But currently not all of these dial-out characters can be entered within the escape digit for public exchange via PBX in the WConfig FOIP channel configuration (Single channel - Parameters for Transmission 2):


If you try to enter any of these non-numeric characters #*ABCD you will get a message box, stating that this is a wrong value:



To use one of these non-numeric dial-out characters you have to enter them directly in the corresponding configuration line of the FAX or Foip channel configuration.
Use the Line editor option in WConfig to change directly the configuration lines:

  • Start Wconfig and enter the path where you configuration is stored
  • Select menu option 00) Configure
  • Select menu option 02) single channel
  • Select the Fax over IP channel (FI) from the channel list
  • Select menu option 8) line editor
  • Now enter the configuration line, where you want to configure the dial out prefix. Use...
    • Configuration line 131 to configure the dial-out prefix for internal sending (internally within the PABX without getting a public line)
    • Configuration line 132 to configure the dial-out prefix for external sending (public number including the dial-out prefix to get a public line)
  • Save and install the configuration to the TCOSS server.

Let us assume you want to dial out using *9 and your connection type is Connection via PBX with dial tone.
If you select connection via PBX with dial tone as your connection type in the Wconfig, you'll see that configuration line 132 already contains the letters PP.
Every P introduces a 1 second pause in the dialing process. It's best to leave these in place and simply add your desired dial-out prefix after the existing entry.
Therefore you have to configure Configuration line 132 to to PP*9 as shown in the screenshot below.


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Kofax Communication Server 
WConfig (Maketcoss)
9.0 or higher      


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Article # 3034919
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