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Is it possible to see who deleted a user

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When a user is deleted are you able to see who deleted the user?


A user is missing from the system and it's unknown who, when, why this user was deleted.


Yes it could be possible to find the perpetrator who deleted the user, but only if the TCOSS feature "User Auditing" is enabled on the system. (System Config line 21, pos 2 contains x20 flag)

When this is the case you could find the perpetrator within the Log Entries folder, search for a line containing source "AUDITUSR" and type "USER_DELETE" or "RECIPIENT_DELETE"


Level of Complexity 


Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Communication Server - TCOSS 10.x   Windows  


For information on the User Audit functions could be found within the TCOSS Configuration manual.


Article # 3046538
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