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KCS License registration, activation, and download information

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How to register / activate and download a license file for any Kofax Communication Server Product.


To register / activate a product the first time please open the website:

If you have already registered an email address for this KCS System, please contact the Licensing department (, to reset the system.


Enter the email address you want to receive the license for this KCS System.

In the field Serial, enter your KCS System ID (6 digit ID, mostly starting with 0).


On the next page, enter the KCS CPU Nr or the MAC Address of your license.

Afterwards a file with license information will be sent via email to the registered address.


NOTE: Due to ongoing system migrations, the license file needs some manual adaption, to be able to upload it in the KCS License tool.

The License file looks like this:

License File.PNG

Copy the lines with the license codes (blue marked area) into a text file, with the extension .lic OR delete the lines below the 4 license lines and save it as .lic file.

Make sure, to have no empty line or CR+LF at the end of the file.

If you need further assistance, please create a Case via the Portal: Technical Support

Kofax Communication Server downloads are available through:

Kofax Communication Server documentation can be found here: Communication Server Product Documentation


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Article # 3040195
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